Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok, I think I have given the miniatures virus to my mother! ;-))
She is a quite talented lady with many interest such as polymer clay jewelery, painting, fayum painting (with wax), crochet... Having a great stock of hand-made crochet masterpieces, some of them very old (made by her aunt), she decided to create some curtains for my mediterranean cottage:

And then she thought of making some rugs and and a carpet:

And after that she un-earthed some pieces she thought I could use with my miniatures:

and some nappkins from an old dinner set she thought they can be great table cloths:
Quite a treasure ha?

Having quite a stock for myself now, I thought you might also like them , and if you are interested in any of them, just send me an email...


  1. Treasures indeed! They're very well made!
    I have piles of beautifully embroidered cloths from my mother who started handcraft when she was a little girl.

  2. There are real treasures. I love the curtains, they will be perfect for your mediterranean cottage. The carpet is lovely. Congratulations to your mother.

  3. Thank you Ira, Glenda and Genevieve for your kind comments!
    I will let my mom know you approved her choices! ;-))

  4. You are lucky to have such a talented mother Anthoula. The design of the curtains she created are so intricate!

    When I am making a miniature boat I always ask my mother to sew the sail for me. I'm all thumbs with a needle and thread and would be lost without her help.

  5. Son unos maravillosos trabajos.
    Me recuerda, que mi madre tambien me hacia muchas cosas de ganchillo y punto (escala normal). Y se lo dificil, que es tejer. Felicite a una madre su, me ha gustado muchisimo.

  6. Lovely the things your mother make for you, I like the crochet so very nice, greetings.

  7. You are very lucky person to have a great mother. Todo sus trabajos con maravillosos, me encantaron las cortinas y la alfombra. A mi tambienme gusta el crochet y se lodificil que es.Congratulations!