Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new dollshouse

The victorian era will always be my favorite period in the dollshouse world!
But I just could not ignore the new dollshouse series that a local miniatures magazine launched, and is called "The Mediterranean House"!

I think it's more cottage-like, but it's even better cause I really love pretty little cottages!

The house comes in a kit form (pre-cut) and each magazine issue offers a piece of the kit and a miniature item. Of course all items are made to match the mediterranean architecture and style.

I am half way there, having 55 out of the 100 issues, so it may take some time until I can post some pictures. However here is a preview of what to expect (photos from the magazine):


  1. I really can't wait until you've received all the pieces and gotten the house up. It's always so nice to see some different stuff as the dollhouses seem to be quite the same all over the world. I've been thinking of making small Greek house to my mom as a present, as she just loves the country. When I get there, I have to order some authentic Greek fimo-food from you :)

  2. What a lovely idea! A small greek house...Maybe on an island...white, with blue windows...Sounds great!
    Needless to say that I will be here in case you need anyhting!

  3. I would love to do a miniature of the bar, Asteria, where they spend hours and hours sitting and watching people on the volta :)

  4. Anthoula, I had not noticed this post! this house is a marvel! is exactly the idea of beach house, which I have for so long ... but first I must finish the construction of mountain hut!
    But .. you could give me the link of the store site? maybe if I buy this home subscription until I get all the files, I can do to finish ....
    would be a wonderful alternative to the mountains!
    I can not wait to see how you build it!
    kises, Caterina

  5. Anthoula, It's nice to see that you will also build de Mediterranean DH!!!
    I believe that when finish is lovely!

  6. Hi Anthoula,

    I just started my own blog, I live in Greece too!! (Peloponnes):)
    I am collecting (and my mom also) this Mediterranean Dollhouse too!
    But I can't build it when we finish collecting (next month are the last parts ;) because I live in a miniature house myself, lol! I don't have enough space for it, so I save it for later...
    I am going to build a smaller (cottage) Dollhouse for now.
    Nice to meet you!!

    Xeritismata! (I don't read Greek or speak it very well, sorry about that)