Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strawberry Jelly

I have been experimenting with Scenic Water yesterday (used to simulate liquids in dollshouse scenes), and my successful creation (after a couple of unsuccessful attempts of course ;-)) is this cute little strawberry jelly with whipped cream... Enjoy!


  1. i would like to know how to do it
    thank u

  2. Hi Lisa,
    For this jelly I put a small amount of Scenic Water in a plastic cup (the material in its raw form is gel-like) and then I dipped the cup in a bowl of hot water, so the Scenic water melted to liquid from the heat. I used a small amount of acrylic paint to tint it pink, and then I pipped it in a small mold using a syringe and let it settle. The whipped cream is acctually plain white silicone through a piping nozzle for decorating cakes (the smallest star tip).

    Just a tip for the mold: I used the case from a pill, but as this is plastic the jelly stick to it when it settled and I had to use my craft knife. Next time I will use some vegetable oil in the mold before I pour the material...If you try something different, let me know.


  3. Hi Anthoula,
    I have never tried Scenic Water
    but the result looks so great.
    Thanks for the sharing.
    *am going to oder one "Scenic Water" LOL

    Have a nice evening

  4. Hi,
    yes do try it...
    And once you have please share the results with us, as I am pretty sure it will be something delicious! ;-))

  5. thank you very much
    now i only have to traduce it well haha

  6. ok i have understud all.
    i have read that people puts oil.

    another thing u can do is. with the mold do a mold of sculpey. and then u can keep it out easier.

    do u understand me?

  7. yes Lisa you r right, I will make my own mold...
    After all, I like molds...they make life easier...
    thanks :-)

  8. heello i ve been looking but i cant find your mail!!! i wanted to yo know the meaning of:
    Scenic Water
    i ve been loking out on internet
    i cant find it
    culd u please send a photo
    is it fimo liquid?
    thank u very much