Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The basic victorian dinner menu is complete!

 I completed the basic menu for the dinner at the victorian mansion:

The dinner set however has a couple of platters more to fill, be continued...


  1. Menos mal que ya he cenado!!!!!!!!!!!, porque al ver esa maravilla de platos, se me ha hecho la boca agua.
    Son tan reales!!!!!!!!!!, que nadie diria que son minis.
    Enhorabuena, eres una artista, me encanta como te ha quedado todo.
    besitos ascension

  2. Oh! Santa paciencia la que tienes que tener para hacer estas comidas tan minis!!! Nadie diría que caben en la yema del dedo!!!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    It took me quite a time to prepare the lamb leg...But I am quite satisfied with the result.
    Now I am looking for a couple more recipes to fill 2 other platters!

  4. Oh, all dishes are so wonderful!!! I wonder what way it is possible to make this beauty even... You are so much talented with this!!!! I love your works a lot!