Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tarts and waffles...

I prepared some tarts and waffles with fresh fruit...Bon appetit!


  1. Unos postres a la altura de los platos anteriores.
    Es una gozada, ver las maravillas que haces.
    La fruta de los pastelitos, la haces tu tambien?.
    Yo creo que no sabria hacerla.
    Enhorabuena, he disfrutado de un magnifico postre
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you ladies...
    Ascension, I make the fruit by following Angie Scarr's books...It took a long time to get good results...;-)))

  3. I really love all four sweets and desserts!
    Always are so real.Minihugs,Sonia.

  4. hi dear!!!i have seen now you 're greek...and i love so much this wonderful and magical place , maybe because it's so similar to my sardinia...the know...i love the sun...the sea...and summer and Greece is one of many places i'd to see...but..who knows..about my tiles...they're original size..and i make little characters and dolls trying to respect their sizes..i hope you understand me..cause my english is a little bit.....forgotten..we say"rusty"..ahahahah...bye..and thanks for your kind words about my works...sam.

  5. Lovely tarts, very appetizing.

  6. Oh Mama! I know how to make the strawberries, but I am amazed by grains of grape, and cream ... so soft, how do you create the effect mousse?? one wants to sink a finger inside! I have no words! Brava! I can not work the Fimo, I never tried it, I would love to learn ...
    good weekend!

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    Well Caterina is all about trial and error with Fimo...I had a lot of unsuccesful attempts at the beginning. Even now I am still experimenting...

    Let me tell you also a little "secret" which I discoverd in a mini food tutorial: the whipped cream is actually white silicone pipped through a pipping nozzle!
    Now I am experimenting with another material to simulate cream, a japanese air drying clay called "Grace". Once I have results I will post them...